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Simplifying supply chain management

Our expansive repertoire of integrated products and services mean we can pass on many advantages to our partnerships.

288,000 metric tons of bulk liquid and dry storage capacity

metric tons of bulk liquid and dry storage capacity

200,000 metric tons of liquid bulk freight chartered per annum

metric tons of liquid bulk freight chartered per annum

750,000 metric tons of dry bulk freight chartered per annum

metric tons of dry bulk freight chartered per annum

16,000 containers shipped annually

containers shipped annually

95,000 truck movements per annum

truck movements per annum

1,900 sets of export documents completed per year

sets of export documents completed per year

Our products

Grains and Pulses

We trade over 1 million metric tons per annum of grains, seeds and pulses both domestically and internationally. 

In Australia and New Zealand we accumulate milling wheat for major flour millers, canola seed for major crush plants, as well as being an active supplier to the feed section. Internationally, our supply chain efficiencies mean we participate in all major grain and seed markets.

With the advantage of our bulk export terminal in Brisbane, we accumulate and export to all markets for both group and external business.

Our business is growing and evolving due to our expertise in seamless execution and risk management.

If you’d like to make an enquiry about our Grains Services, please contact us.


Canola seed

Fats & Oils

We handle over 250,000 metric ton every year, making us one of Australia’s leading importers and exporters of fats and oils.

We regularly import edible oils, feed oils and specialty fats into Australia and New Zealand, while large volumes of tallow are exported from Australia and New Zealand to Singapore, China, Taiwan, Korea, Africa and the Middle East. We have ten dedicated storage facilities across Australia and New Zealand for tallow and vegetable oils.

To discuss your business with our Fats & Oils trade specialists, please contact us.


Acid oil
Poultry oil
Palm oil

Protein Meals

We originate, distribute and merchandise a full range of animal and vegetable proteins across Australia and New Zealand. We also also merchandise and distribute in many export markets, including the United States of America, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

Utilising the vast expertise, networks and resources of our parent companies, we are developing market leader status in terms of warehousing facilities, manufacture and supply, nutrition, marketing and distribution from its origination to its destination markets.

Please contact us for any questions you may have about our Protein Meals business.


Palm kernel expeller (PKE)
Canola meal
Soybean meal
Cottonseed meal

Logistics & Documentation

We provide end-to-end logistical solutions across the entire supply chain. Whether it be a supramax of grain, or a drum of oil, we provide leading logistical expertise.

Our extensive experience in handling multiple modes of transport and packaging help us meet your needs efficiently. Our import and export documentation team specialise in all forms of documentation to provide the least delays.

We have staff approved under various government and industry programs and cross train all staff members so that any team member can help you with any document file.

For any questions you may have about our Logistics and Documentation business, please contact us.


Bulk liquid
Dry bulk

Queensland Bulk Terminals

We are proud to own one of Australia’s state-of-the-art export terminals.

Queensland Bulk Terminals (QBT) is a highly efficient, bulk storage and handling facility with the capacity to sample, test, receive, store, pack and ship a range of grains and liquids. These include, but are not limited to wheat, sorghum, maize, pulses and tallow.

The QBT facility has over 85,000 metric tons of bulk grain storage, over 10,000 metric tons of bulk liquid storage, two all-weather grain receiving stations, a container packing facility and a ship loader.

We purchased QBT in 2009 to further cement our supply chain networks and have greater autonomy over the distribution of feed ingredients, oils and fats.

To receive more detailed information about QBT, please contact us.


Bulk grain
Container packing
Bulk liquid


International Nutritional Ltd (INL), trading as “Agrifeeds”, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wilmar International.

Agrifeeds offer advanced, efficient nutrition solutions to New Zealand dairy farmers and is one of the largest stock feed suppliers in New Zealand.

Agrifeeds have storage facilities in New Zealand, located at Northport, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Bluff and Timaru.

Please contact us to find out more about Agrifeeds operations and services.


Palm kernel expeller (PKE)
Biscuit meal
Tapioca pellet
Canola meal